• Our body of work spans in-game cinematics, branding + creative strategy, intro animations, visual identities for marketing campaigns, title sequences, logo systems, key art, game assets, lookdev, event packaging, broadcast packages, end tags, custom typography, and even sometimes strictly sound design or writing. Basically we’re game for any project to which we can add creative or conceptual value.

  • Currently there are eighteen of us on staff, plus a small handful of trusted extended team members who are specialists in other areas.

  • Yep. Folks often think we’re a much bigger company because of all the high profile stuff that we get to work on. Over the years, we’ve had plenty of opportunities to double or triple in size to keep up with demand, but we’ve chosen to really embrace the boutique-style + family model, even if it means having to turn down exciting projects when we’re already booked up. That said, it always crushes us to have to pass up good work, so we’re constantly trying to find the right balance and always seeking out that special brand of talent that fits into our close-knit team.

  • First and foremost, we always seek to cultivate authentic relationships built on trust and follow-through, transparency, a shared vision, and an end product that we can all be proud of. Our approach is grounded in the practice of becoming a genuine extension of our clients’ internal teams, and then making their lives easier by being able to share the burden and take some things off their plates. We love the collaborative process and sincerely appreciate the opportunity to share our creative instincts and experience with our partners.

  • Please reach out, we’d love to meet you! You can contact our producer, Marta Kozlowska -- marta@capacity.gg or +1 818.276.9321 x101 -- to introduce yourself and let us know some details about your project. Then we’ll setup a call with the relevant team members so that we can dive into more details about your goals, get to know you better, and expand more about next steps + how we work.

  • Capacity was founded in 2003 by Ellerey and Jennifer Gave, who chose the name because it felt more timeless than the trendy word combinations that are typical of startups -- as well as having an almost blue-collar feel to it, which speaks to their roots in Detroit and the tireless work ethic that was ingrained into them from an early age.

    It also has multiple definitions, such as how much something can hold, as well as the ability to do something. As a company we are constantly challenging ourselves to grow, increasing our abilities and honing in our craft, while also trying to find a healthy work / life balance that will keep us going strong for years to come. In other words, the name means a lot to us. ; )

    In early 2020, we added “Studios” to the name to coincide with our expansion from our Los Angeles studio to a second setup in the Research Triangle area in North Carolina (about 15 minutes away from Epic Games). That also happened to unexpectedly coincide with quarantines and remote work as the new norm, and we made the call to go fully remote, so in a way the addition makes even more sense now.

  • We love creating fun content and telling engaging stories. We love projects that challenge us in all the right ways. We love digging in and collaborating with smart and passionate partners. And we love when the work we make is embraced and enjoyed by the folks we’re creating it for.

  • Yes! Please head over to our careers page to check out the current openings. We’re always looking for humble yet ridiculously talented individuals to join our family. No pressure.

  • Capacity was founded in Los Angeles, CA and also operates from the Research Triangle in NC, with a fully remote setup in place as of 2020. Our team is currently spread across the United States with the largest portion of the team still in the LA area. We’ve decided to fully embrace working from home after experiencing the benefits of a more flexible schedule, being more available to our families, and somehow also getting even better at being in sync as a team despite being in separate locations, resulting in better and more rewarding work.

  • Pretty much everything -- whatever is the best tool for bringing the idea to life. Lately we’ve been really into using real-time workflows and seeing how far we can push that for our industry.

  • Awww, no we can’t, but we can send over a link for where to buy them. Fonts are beautiful labors of love and their creators need to be appropriately compensated for their work through the proper licensing channels. Thanks for understanding.

  • For sure. Here are some links to our fancy legal docs:

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