ESL Pro League

Broadcast Package

It’s such an honor when we get to be involved with a brand over several evolutions. Our latest work on ESL Pro League — considered to be the premier CS:GO league and one of the top esports leagues in the world — captures the intensity of the competition and provides a visual foundation for showcasing the brand promise of “esports at its purest”. The ESL masterbrand refresh was handled through another one of their partners, and we adapted it to suit the high performance, fiercely competitive nature of Pro League. In addition to the design + animation of the broadcast package, we also handled a significant portion of the integration (in XPression) to prepare the elements for live broadcast, which also let us geek out on some pretty intense visual logic and scripting setups in order to automate several features.

ShieldESL Pro League Montage

Capacity Studios
Client: ESL
Project focus: design + animation + branding + motion graphics + live integration