Rocket League : Radical Summer

Psyonix : Cinematic Assets

Rocket League's Radical Summer event took us on a trip back to the 80s, mixing pop culture classics and retro vibes in this super fun trailer. We collaborated with Psyonix to create all of the non-gameplay sections of this spot, which included building several new scenes in-engine, recreating all of the effects, and choreographing the action trhough a sequence of nostalgic 80s IPs to showcase some of the new cars, boosts, and items available during the event. Our real time workflow in UE4 allowed us to quickly iterate and finesse the details together as a team and with Psyonix, clearing the way for us to focus on the creative process. Now if we could just get the song out of our heads...

ShieldRocket League : Radical Summer Spot

Capacity Studios
Client: Psyonix
Project focus: animation + real-time vfx + 3d modeling