RL x Ferrari 296 GTB

Trailer Cinematic

Iconic Italian luxury sports car manufacturer Ferrari made its debut in Rocket League with the release of the Ferrari 296 GTB, and we were lucky enough to create the trailer for it. Check off another of our bucket list brands to interact with. ;)

ShieldRocket League x Ferrari 296 GTB Trailer

The spot focuses on performance and precision, showcasing the legendary engineering prowess of the Ferrari 296 GTB out on the test track. The sequence was choreographed to highlight the quintessential Ferrari engine sound as the car is put through the paces, leading to a grand reveal at Rocket League's Champions Field.

Capacity Studios : Rocket League x Ferrari 296 GTB
ShieldRL x Ferrari 296 GTB

Capacity Studios
Client: Psyonix
Project focus: animation + real-time vfx