Rocket League Season 10

Psyonix : Trailer Cinematics

From official Rocket League lore: “Lost long ago in the shifting sands of Deadeye Canyon sat a secret treasure, undisturbed by the passing of time… until recently. Shocked explorers stumbled upon this unspoiled sanctuary, marveling at a time capsule of exotic wildlife and botanical wonders. Woken by an ancient spell, it appears the desert's heart has begun to beat once more.” Featuring the beloved classic Volkswagen GTI and a chill soundtrack, Season 10 provided a nice change of pace and the opportunity to make some really pretty stuff together.

ShieldRocket League Season 10 Teaser 1

The first teaser picks up where Season 9 left off, transitioning from the remnants of a transformed Forbidden Temple Arena to the beginnings of a mystical aurora in the sky.

ShieldRocket League Season 10 Teaser 2

The second teaser shows the aurora continuing into the desert of Deadeye Canyon – the hero location of Season 10 – as the (not-fully-revealed) GTI makes its way towards the arena.

ShieldRocket League Season 10 Gameplay Intro

The intro to the gameplay trailer culminates with the desert being overtaken by lush vegetation in the chillest way possible, as the VW arrives to reveal the new Oasis variant of Deadeye Canyon.

Capacity Studios
Client: Psyonix
Project focus: animation + real-time vfx