Rocket League Season 11

Trailer Cinematics

Rocket League cranked the party atmosphere up to 11 for this one. From their official blog: “Perched high amongst the seaside hills, a pack of tuned-up drift cars awaits their signal. The whistle blows and they begin a chaotic descent, sliding sideways through the perilous mountain roads. A wild crowd waits at the base of the hills, cheering as their favorite racers boost toward victory. These are the sights and sounds of Season 11.”

ShieldRocket League Season 11 Teaser

We created a mountainous descent into a festive village that surrounds the newly introduced Estadio Vida Arena as part of the standalone teaser.

ShieldRocket League Season 11 Gameplay Intro

Then, for the intro to the gameplay trailer, we continued the action to show the cars arrive at the arena and execute a colorful, tire-smoking, multi-tandem drift around the ball. Lots of smoke sims on this one. So. Much. Smoke.

Capacity Studios
Client: Psyonix
Project focus: animation + real-time vfx