Rocket League Season 9

Psyonix : Trailer Cinematics

We now know why they originally didn’t want anyone going into the Forbidden Temple: the legendary dragons of Fire and Ice, sworn enemies, were trapped and held within an ancient orb that was kept on the premises, precariously balancing and locking away their destructive potential. Years later, a Rocket League arena was built adjacent to the temple. For a while, everything was fine, but one day during a match someone broke the sacred Rule One code.

ShieldSeason 9 Teaser Cinematic

It’s still unknown whether they did this on purpose or whether they simply slipped, but it created a disturbance across both the physical and spiritual realms that caused the integrity of the orb to be compromised. Chaos ensued.

ShieldSeason 9 Gameplay Trailer Intro Cinematic

Capacity Studios
Client: Psyonix
Project focus: animation + real-time vfx