SL Summer Superdrop

Visual ID + Marketing Campaign

This was our very first of many Secret Lair campaigns, and will always hold a special place in our hearts. Our friends at Wizards of the Coast are always creating interesting and eclectic offerings for the Magic: The Gathering community, and we’ve been fortunate enough to be able to help figure out how to combine all of these fun Superdrop sets into unique, cohesive marketing efforts. This one combined tattoos, giant robots, cosplay, lightning, and birds into an interchangeable vintage summer poster motif that showcased the card art amidst inviting tropical vibes.

ShieldHero Art : All Five Drops
Capacity : SL Summer Superdrop
ShieldProduct Family Bundle

For each set, the base key art remained the same and we swapped out subtle little touches to pair them conceptually. The look permeated a range of social and paid media assets, CRM, and banners, which was actually only a portion of our eventual involvement on future Superdrops.

Capacity : Secret Lair Summer Superdrop
ShieldDrop 1
ShieldDrop 1
ShieldDrop 2
ShieldDrop 3
ShieldDrop 4
ShieldDrop 5
ShieldOrnithological Studies

Capacity Studios
Client: Wizards of the Coast
Project focus: design + visual identity + animation