COD Black Ops Cold War MP

Activision : Visual ID + Motion Branding

We got to lean into 80s computer technology vibes for the Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Worldwide Multiplayer Reveal. We collaborated with our longtime partners at Activision to create a rich library of segment titles, transitions, lower thirds, and other specialty elements to support an extensive, Treyarch dev-lead presentation of the latest COD installment.

ShieldMP Reveal Montage
ShieldTitle Card Next Gen
ShieldDev Lower Third
ShieldMap Lower Third
ShieldMap Interstitial Angola
ShieldLivestream Participants Overview
ShieldTitle Card Scorestreaks
ShieldTitle Card Fireteam Dirty Bomb
ShieldTitle Card Operators
ShieldTitle Card Combined Arms Domination

Nearly every title card or transitional element was created with a contextualized layout and unique animation details, making this one of our most ambitious visual identities for this type of broadcast. Maybe we were just having too much fun coming up with fictitious control room interfaces in that beloved 80s computer aesthetic, but the final result turned out to be one of our favorite graphics packages in a long time.

ShieldEvent Bug
ShieldTitle Card Create-A-Class
ShieldMap Transition North Atlantic
ShieldMap Lower Third

Capacity Studios
Client: Activision
Project focus: design + motion graphics + branding + visual identity