Rocket League Season 5

Psyonix : Cinematic Trailer

In a brazen act akin to rage-uninstalling, salty lifeforms from another part of the universe arrive unannounced at Starbase ARC to decimate the Rocket League stadium, presumably after consecutive embarrassing losses which they blamed on their teammates yet continued to spam “what a save!” every time they or anyone else scored. During the attack, they recover one of the fallen Starbase light fighters and meticulously (and passive aggressively) rebuild it into a battle-car so that they can 1v1 against it to prove they’re better.

ShieldRocket League Season 5 Trailer

*Disclaimer: The tale above may have taken some liberties with the official lore... The trailer takes place from the perspective of the Starbase defender who was patrolling the airspace when the enemies attacked, and who later becomes the featured battle-car of Season 5 after it’s unceremonious yet clean and efficient transformation. We flash between a sterile, autonomous chop-shop / operating room and the events which led up to it, resolving as the bay doors open to reveal a much more menacing environment. What remains of the ARC floats in chunks around the new Rocket League map, appropriately called Starbase ARC Aftermath.

ShieldProcess : Hangar in UE
ShieldHangar Scene
ShieldCapital ship with a grudge
ShieldProcess : R.I.P. Starbase Arc
ShieldBattle Setup In UE

It was so satisfying to be able to collaborate with Psyonix to introduce Season 5 to fans while also connecting the content back into Rocket League lore. The project took place over a relatively short time frame and would not have even been possible outside of our UE workflow. We received the new battle-car model and source objects from Starbase ARC to work with and built everything else from scratch, then launched into animating the space battles and hangar workshop, working closely with Psyonix along the way to hone in the sequence and story.

Capacity Studios : Rocket League Season 5
ShieldProcess : Enemy Capital Ship
ShieldHero Light Fighter
ShieldEnemy Light Fighter
Capacity Studios : Rocket League Season 5
ShieldProcess : Spacecraft Size Comparison
ShieldProcess : Niagara Spark Time
ShieldProcess : [Intentional] Crash moment in UE
ShieldProcess : Procedural Rift
ShieldRobotic arms ready to do some chopping
ShieldProcess : Robotic Arm Rig
ShieldProcess : Robotic Arm-Mounted Camera

Bonus Content: We also got to create the following quick teaser for Season 6, flashing back to the moment that Starbase ARC was attacked. It turns out that the death beam from the enemy capital ship nearly roasted a Rocket League TV satellite, causing a major disturbance in broadcast operations. Fans had lots of theories about what it meant, which added to the mystery and hype. :)

ShieldSeason 6 Teaser

Capacity Studios
Client: Psyonix
Project focus: animation + modelling + real-time vfx