Magic : War of the Spark Chronicles

Wizards of the Coast : Lore + In-Game Event

Digging into the lore of a game is one of our favorite things in the world. When that game has over two decades of rich storytelling and complex plot lines, it raises the stakes even higher. We had the honor of helping Wizards of the Coast create a set of spots that walk players through the events unfolding across the Magic: The Gathering multiverse.

ShieldMagic : War of the Spark Chronicles Campaign

In weekly installments, each spot set the stage for an in-game event, delivered in a narrative style that brought players into the action — almost as if from the perspective of a dungeon master setting the scene (for us nerds who are into that kind of thing). Which leads to the other coolest part about this project; getting to work in the recording studio with voice actor / renaissance man / the best dm ever, Matt Mercer of Critical Role and bunch of noteworthy voice acting stuff. Using his epic narration, a selection of beautiful card artwork from the game, and our own custom score, we created these five sequential spots. Many thanks to the whole creative team.

Capacity Studios
Client: Wizards of the Coast
Project focus: design + animation + motion graphics + custom score